Scandal Be Naughty Vinyl Super Sheet Red King Size

Scandal Be Naughty Vinyl Super Sheet Red King Size

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Keeping clean never looked so tempting. The Scandal Super Sheet is an erotically shiny red sheet that inspires naughty thoughts galore before it even makes its way out of the box.

This body-safe, PVC sheet can be draped over just about any surface you can imagine for sensual sensations, exotic appearance, and worry-free play. Drape this king-sized vinyl sheet over your chair and take your lover from behind. Lay it over your couch and let your partner treat you to a sexy massage without the mess. Cover your bed for wet and wild lovemaking without the time-consuming cleanup. Or lay it down on the floor and go to town on making your passionate fantasies a reality.

The sheet is perfect for realizing your kinkiest desires and igniting romance without the mess. Just roll up the sheet and all evidence of your naughty encounter disappears! Plus it's easy to clean. Get wet and messy with food, lube, or fluids...this sheet will keep your furniture protected through thick and thin.

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RED...THE Perennial (always times!),
Must Get-Into' for the sexual sexually enjoying partakers of sex and sexual things! With whole lots of that for one, red sheet scandalously seen / shown /... , is red sexually draped upon these,...even the mature " ' tear away', big boy*' " obes., we all aspire to be able to be with! Come guys!.. race ya'/there.../webmaster

Anonymous - February 12 2017

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